June 6th, 2016 – D Day edition

For this week I was able to see Jane Wants a Boyfriend, as a download.   It didn’t make it into the theatres it seems around here.   This is a story about a young woman (Louisa Krause) in her late 20s or so who lives with her parents and has an older sister.  She has Asperger’s and Mom and Dad look after her.   Big sister also plays a hand in taking care of her,    Big sister is an actress and engaged.   Mom and Dad we soon find out are looking to move from Brooklyn to New Jersey.   This changes life somewhat for Jane who is high functioning but socially awkward and painfully uncomfortable.   She watches romantic movies and wants a relationship.   The story continues from there and was interesting and engaging.   No known actors to me (except Mom who was on thirtysomething forever ago).   This plays out in some ways that you won’t always anticipate.   I liked the characters and cared what happened to them.   Everyone has their own challenges and they grow and learn.

Worth a look, especially if you hope to gain a little insight into those with these challenges.
I watched Love on Netflix, which is done by the same director who did Irreversible a few years back with Monica Bellucci.   Dude really likes the darker erotic side of life.   In Irreversible, there was was a horrific rape sequence that many felt went too far, here it is basically full on nudity, penetration and sex on screen.  I don’t have the 3-D TV, but it was filmed in 3-D and there is a scene in particular that would be alarming and funny in 3-D I have to admit!!  Anyway, this disjointed story tells, in time shifts, the relationship between a French girl and her American boyfriend.   They explore their sexual lives together and things happen which impact them.   There are highs and lows, with rage and frustration.  Some actions just have nasty and ongoing consequences, and this is shown here.  I watched in two segments as it was very long — and repetitive.   I cannot recommend unless you seek out some titillation – but even then it gets monotonous and slow.   The movie moves at a snail’s pace and the French female lead is sometimes hard to understand with her accent.   See if you choose, but you’ve been warned…

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