May 30th, 2016

On the airplane on the way to Iceland I watched Creed.  I had heard a decent buzz on this, including your review and I watched it.  I thought that this was well done.  It kept me engaged.  I liked the story about the young boxer.  I felt that Stallone shied away from making this truly a darker film by having the “you fight and I will get treatment thing”.   I think that his acknowledging that he had very little left to look forward to in life (the whole concussion and later issues with brain disease being completely ignored) would have made it more interesting for him to pass away.   But anyway, the fight sequences were good, and the kid was good.   Too bad that they found Felicia Rashaad rather than the original Apollo’s Wife.   Not sure where she would have gone.  Anyway I did like it.

I saw a few episodes of Season 1 Game of Thrones.   I enjoyed.
I also watched the Air episode of Cooked where they talk about bread.   I had decided to make baguettes at home from scratch yesterday and this was poignant and timely for me.   The observations about glutton intolerance were very interesting and the whole breadmaking process.  I also watched the documentary on wine and Sommaliers.   A good overview of wine and the process.  Interesting scenes and shots of wineries mostly in Europe.   Well worth it.

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