June 13, 2016

So this week there was nothing, and I mean nothing in the theatre that I have wanted to see.   Not the various multiple superhero movies.  Not any of the other films that are around.   So I am delving further into Netflix.

I saw TIFF movie from last year “He Named Me Malala” which is a documentary about the young Pakastani woman who is shot by the Taliban, along with two of her friends and survives.  She then becomes a spokesperson for various women’s causes including the right for education and a voice.   She also is the youngest person to get the Noble Peace Prize.   I of course am sympathetic to this young woman’s plight.  And anyone living in these conditions in these countries rules by extremists and radicals.   I cannot understand any culture that wants to remove education for their youth – women or men.  Still, there is a part of me that thinks that Dad is involved in pushing his own agenda.   He is a nobody basically, who now through his daughter gets an audience with the Queen, and President Obama and the UN world leaders etc.   All in the name of escorting his daughter.   She is well spoken.  She is passionate.  Still his life has risen dramatically.   There is a political purpose here for this young woman – showing the terror of the Taliban regime.   I am not clear whether this is what’s best for this young woman.
I managed to see Terminator Genesys with the now known to me Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) playing Sarah Connor.   This updated Terminator tries to reflect current technology and issues, and turns the whole premise on its ear.  Ah-nold is still there, but is quick to point out how he is not obsolete, and repeats it back to perhaps convince himself of it.   The time travel stuff works, a bit, but you have to believe.  And there are flaws to me in logic as John Connor seems to have a Matrix-like Agent ability to become almost anyone – and thereby stay close to fleeing people.   But where did that ability come from?   How the heck did he get into that helicopter?!   It is not answered.   I liked Clarke here, and the new Kyle Reece was interesting.   Ah-nold – with the greying hair and an obvious need of an upgrade isn’t what he once was – but maybe that is the point.  The real threat seems to be shifting to the Web and the Cloud and inter-connectivity.
I am watching Homeland too with the Season in Pakistan – a theme from Malala.  Carrie is in Pakistan when a higher up gets whacked and she had a front row seat for it.   Now she needs to figure out how it all became bad.  Saul is a private security consultant.  She leaves behind her daughter in the US early on, and deals with this new problem.

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