June 26, 2017

This week was a Netflix week.  I saw two films.

Vacation – minus National Lampoon is a sequel of sorts to the original Chevy Chase Vacation from long ago.  It even has unrecognizable Beverly D’Angelo in a brief appearance.   Rusty has grown up and has a wife and two kids.  He gets pushed around but as an airline pilot he is doing okay.  His wife (Christina Applegate) goes through the motions.   Rusty decides to take his kids to Wally World on a road trip.   The family goes along but barely.   Then the hijinx ensues as they befall on one piece of bad luck and another.   There is much Adam Sandler type humour here and not unlike the original.  I was never a fan of Chevy Chase and this movie doesn’t make me nostalgic.   It was mind candy.  There were a couple of guffaws but that was about it.

Moana is recently added to Netlfix and this is a Disney animated film about a Polynesian girl who is uncertain about who she is and what her destiny is.   She has an overbearing father (don’t they all) who tries to keep her focused on land and at home.  Grammy is a little more savvy and adventurous and knows the family’s roots and traditions.   She meets in time Maui, voiced by The Rock and he was just fine.   He has the smarmy cockiness required of a Demi God.  Together they have an adventure worthy of Disney and worth the time to check out.  It has emotion and some twists and turns but doesn’t stray too far from the familiar.  In the end you are glad to have met Moana and seen some of her beautiful islands.


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