June 18, 2017

I have to admit that during the viewing of Cars 3 that I was looking for handles on the car doors.  All of that continuing the silly but satisfying debate on whether humans inhabit the fictional world of Cars on any level.

Here is Pixar who have become the pillar of animation excellence milking a story for all the coin it can get.  All very true.  They are also milking one of the current themes touched by many movies these days (like Wonder Woman) around equality.   And more specifically gender equality.

I still don’t like Owen Wilson.  His voice grates on me and likely because every time he speaks I see that oddly shaped object in the centre of his face 👃🏻

The romantic side of this film is back burnered.  Remember the budding romance between legal baby blue Porsche and Lightning?   Anyway instead this film focuses on an aging champion racer being challenged through technology and younger competitors.

There is quality animation throughout.  The story turns a couple of times but nothing is too shocking.   In the end the boys enjoyed a visit back to Cars land.   I was entertained but the story won’t stay with me nor will I feel the need to purchase and re-watch this (I never purchased the first and best in this series).  But there are worse ways to spend time.  For a night out and getting a young boy away from the computer screen and games this is effective.


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