June 12, 2017

This past weekend I went and saw Wonder Woman.  On the whole I have to say that I was entertained.  I will say for me Lynda Carter is and has always been Wonder Woman.  But Miss Gadot did an admirable job.  She has a terrific smile and she is very expressive with other emotions.   She and Chris Pine seemed to have good chemistry as well.  The female cast on the Amazon Island was well thought out and Robin Wright with longer hair shows strength and determination despite a lousy accent.

My challenge with the film was in the selection of the bad guy.  If you have not seen the film, I won’t go on at length about it.  But suffice it to say that the helmet was a tremendous improvement in badness.  Sometimes casting makes all the difference in the impression about the character, and maybe that was the point.   But I remain unconvinced.

In the end it was fun.  It had a couple of laughs.  I liked the theme about a powerful woman (from an island with only women) who joins early 1900s and is relegated to a second class citizen.  It isn’t lost on me that a scant 100 years ago is when this takes place (nearing the end of World War I).  We decided to see this rather than The Mummy which is what I gather the rest of the movie going public did as well.   I cringe at the thought of this whole Justice League thing, although not as much as the resurrection of The Mummy, Dr Jekyll, The Invisible Man, Frankenstein etc.


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