July 10, 2017

Have a few movies to review with a recent trip on an airplane to California.  There were a few to choose from as well as another watched on Netflix.

Draft Day – Kevin Costner doing his thing as the GM of the Cleveland Browns.  Alison had previously reviewed this Ivan Reitman film.  Plenty of name dropping and known NFL people on this draft drama.  It is predictable and decent.
Logan – watched on the plane.  Still don’t get it.  X Men in this are basically dead.  But we have this new group of kids all “mutant” in their own way.  The little wolverine girl kills at least 50 people with razor fingers ablazin’.  So violent.  Not sure what to make of it, but I won’t kill any brain cells worrying about it either.
Beauty and the Beast – the live remake with the wrongly cast Emma Watson, who can’t really carry a tune and with a story that is supplemented with new and unremarkable songs.   There are a couple small twists but really just window dressing.   The original animation film was captivating, and deserved to be left alone.  As far as I can tell, this is just a cash grab.  I like Kevin Kline, but I don’t think he either was cast properly here.  But then again, I may be too focused again on the chubby, eccentric father figure in the original.
Suicide Squad – the most disheartening aspect of this movie is the ending where they clearly indicate that there will be a sequel.  But why?   Jared Leto, you’re no Heath Ledger.  All the shiny dental work and green hair doesn’t give you that sense of foreboding that Ledger created.   The performance is just a little too over the top.  And that holds true for the rest of this crew, who really is a modern day (and mutant style) Dirty Dozen.   But the Dirty Dozen was a better film, and the underlying story was better.   Our villain here is weak as a personality — but then again, who is possibly left who can mount any formidable attack against all the super-people flying around and destroying cities.  Damn NYC gets hit a LOT!   Their re-building and construction costs must be astronomical.  Anyone working in those office buildings better back up their files, and take their laptop home .  Just in case.

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