July 25th, 2016

This weekend I saw Star Trek Beyond.   What I discovered is that there is no universal love of the Federation of Planets.   Seems it breeds maniacal dictators hellbent on causing mass destruction with many lives.  In this case your future betrothed Idris Elba (an Alison favourite!).   The storyline takes our well-travelled crew into an area where they are ambushed and left for dead or slaves.   There are some inside jokes (the best with Bones I think).   They must deal with said maniac and a weapon that seems to borrow heavily from the Matrix.
I had expected this story to address the Klingons with the ‘inevitable war’ but that was not the case.   Instead we have an introspective executive not sure where they really belong until they find a force that brings common purpose.
It was fun and a good spectacle.  I am not a fan of tight Bourne-like fights where the angles are so close.   And I wonder why the all-powerful baddie needs to resort to fisticuffs at all.   There were a few ‘yea right’ moments where I decided to suspend my disbelief.   It passed.   Still.  This is worth seeing.
I would like to see Spock and his story explored further.   What does the survivor of a holocaust of an entire planet do?   How do you cope?   Especially when you don’t really feel.   We will see if we get there.    The Sulu thing was just funny…..

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