August 3rd, 2016

I tried to see Jason Bourne last night but the theatre was full and decided to pass on wrenching my neck from the first row (especially with herky jerky fight scenes that will leave one seasick).

I did watch the Final Part 2 Mockingjay Hunger Games on Netflix and was completely underwhelmed.   The conclusion and big epic battle did, in fact, require the pristine heroine to actually shed some blood and put down some of the enemy, but it meandered and was directionless for so long.  The ending was utterly disappointing as she ends up with a Coke and a smile and a babe in arms in a green forest – with Pita!!   Little pipsqueak Pita!   Who wants to be with a midget named after bread?!   It was just silly.   There were not even any great battle scenes and the culminating event with the Dictator was telegraphed from miles away.
So for me, this series ends in a whimper but not as quietly as Divergent.   I grow weary of these stories where the heroes are teens (and the world is dependent on they coming up with the world-altering plans).   Most teens I wouldn’t trust much more than mowing my lawn – let alone defeating the baddies and enemies of the state.
So little in the theatre worth watching.   I do not need to see Suicide Squad and the early reviews are terrible.  So I am hopeful as the end of August approaches that TIFF can bring some light on the silver screen.

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