July 11th, 2016

I was catching up on some Netflix movies in the past little while.  I noted that they just got The Big Short which I expect to check out once again.

Last night I watched the comedy special Freedumb where he has a live talk in Nashville during this year.  Jim Jeffries is the guy who did the brilliant bit about Gun Control which has gone viral.  He addresses it about halfway through his special.  Sadly he remarks that his email blows up when other tragic events happen (like Paris) where the gun activists will say (“See it happens everywhere….” to him).
He has an equally brilliant discussion about Donald Trump and radicalizing youth that I will leave to your own time.  I had some really good laughs here, and he makes some good points and he also uses the “c-word” more than anyone I have heard previously – he is apparently the Rosa Parks of the c-word in getting it used in comedy clubs again!   He also had some good points with freedom and which countries are “more free” than the US (Canada is an example).
I started watching Roger Waters The Wall, which is a film about a performance of the music, but also about his own personal journey with his own family – which is less interesting than the music.  Life After Porn was interesting too as a film talking about what impacts such a life has on those who perform for a time in it.
I expect to hit the theatre again soon with the release of the new Star Trek and later the new Bourne film.  So there will be some time to see more films.  I have little interest in Secret Life of Pets nor other things presently out.

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