February 22, 2016

This weekend was seeing Black Mass, a film that had much buzz and hype going into TIFF.   For me I also see what the reviews on this film really were driving at.   They were unsure about the journey the filmgoer was taken on.   I was distracted by Depp’s blue eyes and general strange appearance.    This is a character that was portrayed by Jack Nicholson in The Departed.   Here we have more “historical” facts about the man but many of those are debated and debunked.   Those who were close to the man were not consulted for the film.    So there is a series of events in this man’s life and you see those around him.   It’s been done better and more satisfying.   I am glad that Depp did not get a nomination here.   The voters were right.   I continue to be astounded by stories of the police and FBI being complicit in this and supporting a “partnership” that favours one gang over another.    Not really serving the greater good for the citizens of Boston I don’t think.

I watched a movie last night and frankly, it was not a good movie – I Give It A Year, was an unhappily married couple making their lives miserable and realizing that they don’t belong together.   Rose Byrne is in it, and the blond guy from TV (The Interogator or something) and Minnie Driver (who I like) acting terribly and horribly for the entire picture.


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