February 16, 2016

There is a recurring theme in recent biopics with musicians which show that celebrity and fame also show the necessary drugs and alcohol.  I am not sure whether creative people by wiring or definition can abuse themselves more to be ‘creative’ or help with the process.   Certainly Glenn Fry had his issues as an artist.  For movies, look no further than Ray, or Walk the Line, or Sid and Nancy or any others in the genre.   Amy is a more realistic portrayal of the life of British jazz singer and star Amy Winehouse.

She had an amazing and distinctive voice.  She was driven by her music and had a passion for it.  Then celebrity hit, and relationships occurred that shaped and impacted her.   She was surrounded by an entourage then, and enablers and yes-men (including her father) who pushed her and drove her.   Even when it was clear that she had a real problem, with alcohol, bulimia and hard drugs there would be handlers who just looked the other way.
It is sad to see.   She was screaming for a break, and to get away from the fame and paparazzi.   She was also in a relationship with a guy who initially had left her, but then came back as fame and fortune grew.   They married.   He was a dick.   Still is.   This is a sorry tale.   Sadly a bright light was doused at the tender age of 27yo.   Sure, everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and their own bodies – but there has to be a touchstone or someone to keep the artist grounded.    As a result, the world loses out on someone who had a gift.   I felt for her in the end and wished that someone would have stepped in.   An interesting film to catch on Netflix.

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