February 29, 2016 – Oscar musings, Post Script

I had mixed feelings while watching the Oscars last night.  I only saw the beginning and end due to a hockey conflict.   I saw up to Alicia Vikander winning (much to my delight) and then re-joined when Best Actress was being handed out, and beyond.    I missed Best Supporting Actor but actually quite liked the choice with Bridge of Spies actor here, Mark Rylance.

I was elated with Brie Larson and Alicia.   I was despondent about the Best Picture choice of Spotlight.  It is a rare occasion indeed where Best Director and Best Picture are split.  More rare when Best Actor and Best Director and Picture are split.  Giving the main prize to Spotlight, which was a simple story with a great cast, where no one was particularly put through their acting paces, smacked of attacks against the Catholic church.  It has been done before, but it is sad when politics and religion can from one perspective cloud one’s mind over a great films.  Spotlight was NOT the best film of the year.   Not even close.   It may not have been a banner year, but it was not it.  For me, The Martian and The Revenant were more impactful.  I am distressed that The Martian didn’t get any Oscar love.
While I am happy (relatively) that Leo won his award, it was for a body of work.   This performance had not enough dialogue and too much crawling around on the snow covered ground.   It was an endurance test.   RogerEbert.com had a good piece on why giving him an Oscar for that performance was bad for acting.   I agree with the perspective.   Basically he argues that losing weight, or punishing ones body for your craft shouldn’t be enough.   So for this I am smiling for Leo, but sorry for the message that it sends out.
I liked Chris Rock.   He identified the elephant in the room early about the White Oscars, but rightfully used humour and parody to diffuse the issue and bring it back into perspective (not many non-white nominees in the 60s either, but they were too busy worrying about grandma swinging from a tree, or being lynched or raped).   And I liked the laugh about quitting the gig – “only those without jobs tell you to quit a job”.   Funny.   Tattooed Whoopi was front and centre because she worked on the parody clips.   Okay.
Overall some cheers and smiles.   I still think that Ridley Scott gets snubbed far too often.  I am glad that Alicia won a well-deserved award.   The more I see Rooney Mara, the more she creeps me out.
As far as the dresses are concerned, Sairose Ronan was amazing, along with Olivia Wilde, and Alicia Vikander herself.   Plenty of plunging necklines and side boobage action!   I was thankful for a hockey break in between.
On to next year!

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