December 16th, 2015 – Pre-Star Wars

So there are two reviews that I have seen for Star Wars Force Awakens (Globe and Mail and Roger and both are positive generally about it.  I am pleased to hear that.  I did not read anything with a spoiler since I want to be going into this fresh.   I will be taking youngest son to see Star Wars this weekend at some point.

I have a number of films that I will see during the upcoming time off.  TIFF Lightbox has Macbeth.  Others include Bridge of Spies, Heart of the Sea, Trumbo, Carol and Revenant.
On Netflix I have seen a few different things.   One was a documentary about Atari and ET game in a landfill.  Honestly don’t ask me why I watched this.   No idea.  It was really rather silly, especially the ego-maniac former software developer who was responsible for the very bad game ET.
I had also caught Cinderella which was decent but nothing spectacular.   I do think that Cate Blanchett as the baddie step-mother here was not as memorable as Anjelica Huston in Ever After with Drew Barrymore.     Terence and Stamp about the Who was just silly too.
Jack Ryan – with Captain Kirk was okay but predictable,   I noted that Kenneth Branaugh directed and acted.
Disney shorts were good and interesting.
I am caught up on Downton Abbey and await the next season.
I did re-watch A Beautiful Mind last night and again was impressed by Jennifer Connolly.   She supports and allows her husband to be what he could.   And she had a number of leaps of faith that would never have been easy.   Her moment of anger in the bathroom is a priceless scene and won her the Oscar in my mind.
Lots to see.  Hopefully we can connect in the next couple weeks.

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