December 21st, 2015 – Force Awakens

So here it is – the review of the most hyped movie in recent memory.  And for the most part it delivers – but having said that I still feel a bit empty having seen it.  Before seeing it, I wanted and hoped for it just to “be good” and that they “didn’t screw it up”.   It does an admirable job at melding the old with the new.   You have a new, younger and fresher group (and politically correct) taking the reins of this storied franchise.

Abrams did much here like he did to re-boot Star Trek.  He borrowed heavily from the base material and mirrored previous plot lines.   You won’t need to pay attention long to see what I am talking about.   There is a great deal unsaid, and few Aha moments.   There are some “yea right” moments too – you will know those too – like just incredible coincidences!
There are also scenes and plot lines that will have you pause and scratch your head – like the whole Millennium Falcon subplot.  To say that some stallwarts like R2D2 and Luke Skywalker get short shift is somewhat of an understatement.
Still…..there is much to like here.  Characters who you care about (mostly).  A decent story and decent acting.   I liked the visuals and the scenes of older Empire ships dotting the landscape of a planet that looks a lot like Tattooine.  It’s not, but might as well be.   Our heroine has questions too, along with the baddie Kylo Ren (bad tempered and all which is actually quite refreshing).
I expect that there are at least two movies to be made here (with a three trilogies when they are done).   Expect more as Disney knows how to milk a franchise (just look at Toy Story!!)
I saw this in Imax 3D and the 3D yet again did nothing for me.   It is fun, it is escapism.   It is another chapter in this franchise that has been a part of my life since I was my youngest son’s age (11yo).   Let’s see where else they take us!
P.S> I still left the theatre feeling a little bit disappointed.   Like “is that it?!”  Such is what happens when expectations are so high.
P.P.S> I re-watched Grosse Point Blank and enjoyed.   I like Minnie Driver.   I also watched Resevoir Dogs for the first time and thought Tim Roth and Steve Buschemi were the best parts!  A movie that had eluded me until that point.   Strange.

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