November 17, 2015 – British Spy Edition

Had to see the big screen version of Spectre (IMAX even) and shared with my daughter in Halifax.   This movie tries really hard to pick up various pieces and pull them together.  Certainly with the Daniel Craig Bond films.   For the most part it works.   But the traditional Bond stuff is really what works best.  Great chases.  Amazing cars.  Fabulous women in dresses and Bond in jackets and ties.  Oh and things that blow up real good.  All of this is there.  And well done.   Monica Bellucci is sadly under used but things move and the globe is traversed.   I appreciated just how good the writing and dialog of Quentin Tarantino is for Christoph Waltz.   Here the guy I can think as a master stroke for a villain kind of is – but he could be more evil.    Overall I am glad to see this and can recommend it.   It is fun.   It is escapism.   Enjoy.

I watched Kingsmen on Netflix last night.  I had no expectations.   It was better than expected.  There are some silly scenes but it worked.   Speaking of Tarantino, Samuel L Jackson plays a lisping baddie who wants to solve globe warming.   He has an interesting theory.   His no-legged assistant creates a stir in most of her scenes.    Yet the scene which turned it for me was a bar scene and then an over-the-top scene in a church.   It made me laugh and shake my head.   Suffice it to say that it was remarkable in a Kill Bill kind of way.   The young Cockney blue collar kid is an interesting guy and the ending was just priceless.   It’s a different kind of spy film but kind of fun.


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