July 9th, 2012

I took all the kids out on Friday night to see the Pixar movie Brave.  I had not seen many reviews but I am usually pleased with the Pixar films.  Cars 2 was one of the bigger disappointments but Finding Nemo, Up, Toy Story and others are the best in the genre.   So I had decent expectations and they were generally met.
The story is fairly basic with a princess as eldest daughter to a Scottish king.   The traditional Queen and Mother to our Princess is very set into tradition and wishes to have her daughter married off.   Our Princess is more independent than that and refuses to play any part of this formal wooing process with the neighboring clans bringing over their first born to win her hand.  This becomes a story of lack of communication and not listening to one another, and principally between Mother and Daughter.   There is love there, but there are opposing views as to how to run one’s life.   The Princess seeks to find a solution and then there are challenges and obstacles ahead.   I won’t dive into the details.   They were unexpected by me, and the kiddos.
The animation is good, remarkably so in some cases with the water and fish.  I like the Scottish accents me-self, and thought that this added a bit.   Why do they have to be Scottish?   I dunno.  Quite frrrrankly, I don’t care.  The kids enjoyed it and youngest son managed to stay put for the entire thing without a bathroom break or asking when it was over.  All good qualities in a film as far as I am concerned.
So there is no need to rush out and see this, but the young ones can enjoy this on a miserable day and parents can relax and have some fun with a family movie.   This is NOT Finding Nemo or Up or Toy Story.  Far from it.   But it has some good scenes and on it’s own it’s okay.   Enjoy.

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