June 6th, 2012

After reading the surprisingly good review from Roger Ebert, on Sunday night I decided to go out and see Snow White and the Huntsman (with the world apparently, in a full theatre).  Kristen Stewart was looking to get beyond the Bella role in Twilight.  I was not clear how Snow White was going to made into a kick-ass adventure hero, and after seeing it I am not entirely clear that she was.
All the reviews of this film are focusing where it is deserved and that is on the performance of Charlize Theron rather than Stewart.  Theron steals the movie as the Wicked Queen, and is over-the-top evil in the scenes that she dominates.   There is some background that is filled in here, and some twists on a tale that everyone knows which are not always expected.  But in the end, like Titanic, you know where this story is going.
I liked the elves, and the technology that allows known (predominantly British) actors to play them.  The Huntsman, who had a minor role in the Disney film, plays a more important role here and is effective.  Besides the Scottish/Irish accent, I finally recognized him as the father of James Kirk from Star Trek (when does that next installment come out?).   Anyway, Stewart plays the Snow White role and generally looks dirty and unmade up.  That “raven hair” and porcelain skin isn’t really anywhere to be found.   She is weepy and teary-eyed for much of the film.   The Braveheart-like, rouse-the-troops speech is one that I am not so sure would get me to put on the chains and helmet and ride my steed into certain death.   But it’s a story.
I did not see Mirror Mirror and my impression is that this film is more serious and dark.  It is well told and well acted by known actors.  I enjoyed it for the most part.  So should you rush out to see it?   Up to you.  Theron is also in Prometheus which is the new Ridley Scott film coming out this weekend and I want to see it.  Looks like an Alien pre-quel.   Cool!!!
I did see the last 45 mins or so My Week With Marilyn, and it was decent.  Made me want to see the earlier part.  Michelle Williams did an admirable job as the frail Monroe.

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