August 6th, 2012

I saw Hunger Games and spent a whole $1.50 to see it in a big theatre.  I LOVE this second run movie theatre in Dallas.  I can’t RENT the movies for that amount of money.  But still, you get what you pay for apparently.   I saw John Carter there and felt the same way.  Now there’s Hunger Games that my daughter classified as “a beautiful film”.  Ummmm I told her that I simply do not see it.

And it’s been done before.  Roller Ball, The Running Man, Death Race 2000, heck Logan’s Run.  The female lead does an admirable job of keeping the story together, but what a story.  Not having read the book, I didn’t get the whole concept of the game.  Why?  Why pit these varying aged kids against one another to kill one another?   Made me scratch my head.
In the end this whole contrived thing didn’t make a whole heckuva lot of sense.  And just a minute, how exactly do you electronically create an animal that then is real in a game??!  Huh??   Why exactly did the race card need to be played, and why too do the “dogs” get the male black guy rather than our heroine?   Oh, because it’s a plot device to make her more sympathetic because she only kills people who deserve it.   Whatever!
This has raised more discussion than it deserved.  Funny that you had the similar reaction to Batman as my son.  He liked the second movie MUCH better.  I do agree though that MORE Batman would have been better (an Ebert comment).  There was too much time spent getting out of a hole.  But nevertheless a worthy conclusion.
Not sure what I want to see next.  My colleague at worked HATED Prometheus.  Hated it!!  Thought that that the people did not act like people at all.  In hindsight there is part of that there (like the whole self-abortion scene and running into the old man – and it doesn’t phase ANYONE!).   I will re-watch it again.  I already re-watched Alien.  Noticing the control center.

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