September 1st, 2009

Last night it was Pride and Glory with Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, and the red-headed guy who played Jim Carey’s best friend in Truman (Noah Emmerich).   I am a big Norton fan but have been utterly underwhelmed by his choice of movies in the last little while.   He is better than the material he has been working with, and this is no exception.   I found this predictable, although there were minor twists like Carrottop NOT taking the money so that he could pay for his Wife’s expensive cancer-treatment drugs.   There was little in the way of development in the Norton-girl relationship and others areas were begun but not finished.  This movie was okay, but when another movie like Serpico about police corruption is on earlier in the weekend, it makes this one seem weak.

I had not even realized until elder son was talking about seeing Halloween 2 with his friends, that THIS Halloween was based upon a 2007 remake of the original Halloween done by Carpenter (and starring Jamie Lee Curtis) for which I KNOW that there was a sequel.  Then last night I caught the first hour or so of this Rob Zombie re-make of Halloween where they are explaining more about Michael Myers (how does Austin Powers think about this?) and why he became what he did.  How typical to blame it on a stripper mother.   Isn’t it MORE scary if this psycho comes from the kid-next-door from a middle class family with no apparent dysfunction?   Why the gratuitous use of nudity, when it’s not really necessary?   Do I really need to see the full frontal nudity of this clearly acknowledged 17yo cheerleader who is full of herself?   Why this mass of long hair in front of Myers’ face all the time, and why the fascination with masks?   Now Scout Taylor-Compton is cute and worthy of seeing a sequel, but I went to bed early not finishing it and did not feel less because of it.


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