September 9th, 2009

So on the movie front, I watched a little of Run Lola Run (in German with subtitles) the other night and it was alright.   I did watch one of Ebert’s old favorites Dark City with William Hurt, Jennifer Connelly and others.   It was an interesting sci-fi movie and contained a lot of similarities in my mind with The Matrix.   World created by aliens to study and better understand humans, with a hero who has taken on an ability that mirrors the aliens (who are superior).   There is the whole idea of implanting memories and personalities which is explored, with the creepy Kiefer Sutherland in the role as doctor.    I enjoyed it but was happy that I did not fork over money for it.

I have been seeing bits and pieces of other movies as well, like Dirty Dancing and wondering what the heck ever happened to Jennifer Grey’s career?!!   She gets a nose job then no one wants her to work again.  Ferris Bueller, Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, she was a box office darling for a time.   Swayze couldn’t seem to find a shirt that would fit him in that movie.   The sister in that movie cracks me up.


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