April 6th, 2009

So last night was Benjamin Button time, and I have to say that I was disappointed in this.   I am more disappointed in the actions of the main character and the fact that you lose any sympathy that you have for him.  He is already in a challenged relationship with his lady-friend, and yet he decides to walk away from the relationship at a very early stage.  He does not get to enjoy watching his daughter grow up.  Instead he writes her postcards about wishing to be there to kiss her better or see her first day of school.   At the age of 30-something, he could be a very good father to her, and yet HE decides on behalf of everyone to just leave.   How sad.   I am also puzzled by the daughter saying that she knew nothing about her Mom’s dance past (as she opens up some pictures of her).   Well Mom owns and operates a dance studio, you think that she would have her marquee posters up from the ballet in Russia and NY and other places.  That would help with business.   Overall, a remarkable make-up performance, but an unsatisfying movie that loses it’s Forrest Gump appeal with the choices that our main character makes.   Funny too how the young couple when they finally get together live in squalor with no furniture.  Why?  He owns a very successful button business, and the home of his father.  Clearly he would have money to do more than live with nothing.   You can set sail around the islands and enjoy that life, surely you can afford a proper bed!   Needless to say, I had a number of issues with the film.


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