May 7, 2018

I will echo the positive review by Alison about A Quiet Place.  I will say that her review noting that she jumped a couple of times prepared me and I was not really startled – in the back of my mind I am thinking “this seems like a pretty good spot for a jump to occur”.   Anyway this film is pleasantly NOT a horror film nor a gross out, like a Friday 13th, or Nightmare of Elm Street, Saw etc.  Instead it is a thriller about a family set in the future after some extraterrestrial incident.  It’s a movie where you feel exhausted from clenching your stomach muscles tightly for 1.5 hours.   It takes ordinary actions and situations, and let’s you realize how difficult they all would be if they had to be done silently.  But it also explores the dynamics of a young family and surviving through difficult times.   I really enjoyed this.

On Netflix, besides getting caught up in the Monty Python wave that has come to it with interviews and old shows and then the movies (Holy Grail and Life of Brian are just priceless) – last night I watched a new documentary entitled End Game.  It documents the stories of a few people of varying ages in San Francisco area hospitals and hospices.   They are all dying and soon.  They have doctors, nurses and other people there to assist in this process.   It is very emotional as you see a Mother and husband grapple with a Wife/daughter who has cancer and there is nothing more that can be done for her.    It shows to me that I want to be crystal clear with those around me on my end of days wishes and intentions for me.  I don’t want to see people already under stress wondering and worry about “what would Robbie have wanted to be done at this stage?”.   No.   They will be able to provide their own filter and thoughts on their own feelings, but knowing what I want, will be clearly known.   I found that the doctor who had his own story to not be very helpful in some aspects, I’ll let you make your own choice if you choose to watch this.   TIFF film Euphoria addressed some of these issues.   Here it is in the US, and we have reality entering into the lives of all these people, when clearly they would rather it not be the case.   Still – good to watch, but not easy.

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