May 14th, 2018

Netflix has the classic David Lean film Lawrence of Arabia from 1962.  This is the “restored version” whatever that means.  This film won Best Picture and Best Director, along with 5 others.  This is an epic picture with incredible cinematography and a story about a remarkable young Brit.  Young and unconventional.   What’s remarkable in all of this is how Peter O’Toole didn’t win Best Actor.   And I know the formidable Gregory Peck actually won the award for To Kill A Mockingbird but just watch the performance of O’Toole here (sidebar: two remarkable performances face off in 1962 while dude in The Artist wins).  I had watched bits and pieces of this before and at 3:35 it takes an investment in time, but I hadn’t seen it in total.   The emotional arc for Lawrence is quite remarkable.  But look at the film in the eyes and face of O’Toole.  O’Toole over his remarkable career never won a statuette; 7 nominations in a 20 year span starting in 1962.  The best role was and is Lawrence.

I am working through Suits.  Donna the assistant for Harvey Spectre is really good.


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