March 26, 2018

On Netflix, I have been catching up with some documentaries and watching in more committed fashion the legal drama Suits.

The documentary that was interesting was John Mellancamp’s Plain Spoken.  There is a concert from Chicago with him doing a voiceover with his life story and just stories for him.   I had never realized that he had spina bifida.  He was surgically worked on with three other babies at the time, and the only one to have survived.
Another documentary was the Leo DiCaprio Before the Flood, that as a Global Warming film that was not all that compelling.    I found that those who speak about ice and coral are far more able to make one feel action is paramount (see Chasing Coral and Chasing Ice).    Here we talk about a “turning point” being Paris Accord from 2015.   Well, Mr Trump isn’t signing and there appears little political will in the US to move forward.   The disturbing aspect of this are countries like India and China who look to the US to take the lead.   In truth China has progressed better with solar.  But still.  Don’t look for any leadership for the time being.
On the plane I started watching IT.  I think IT needs to be on a bigger screen to get the jumps that IT wants to illicit.  I can see how IT creeps some people out, but for me, IT just doesn’t or didn’t do IT.   IT was very popular in the theatres which would suggest that IT and others will follow.   I was glad that I did not pay for IT.  Also glad that I won’t be seeking out the end of IT which I didn’t manage to see.
I also enjoyed the documentary about the Men behind the Apollo missions in the Control Center.    There were real faces of people that Ron Howard used in Apollo 13, like vested Ed Harris as Mission Control.   It is an exciting time to be looking forward with NASA and the missions ahead to Mars, and more closely the new rocket to orbit around the moon once again.   This younger generation may remember some Space Shuttle launches, but this will be something more exciting.  The US getting back in space exploration after paying the Russians for travel up to the International Space Station.  Exciting!
I was re-watching The Right Stuff which still holds it’s own in showing the Mercury program and those astronauts.   There is Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier.  Then breaking twice the barrier just a few years later.
This week ahead is Steven Spielberg’s new Ready Player One.  We’ll see how the boys will like that.

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