April 2nd, 2018

Welcome to April – first quarter of the year is already finished, scarily enough.

Thursday night we went to see Ready Player One with two teen boys.  This is the virtual reality movie with Steven Spielberg at the helm.  It is from the book released in 2011 by Ernest Cline, unread by me, but devoured by girlfriend’s son in one sitting.
This is a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like storyline with a virtual reality world that people are playing globally in the future (2044).   People live in shacks and their lives are not very exciting, and so they play in this world, called Oasis, created by these two Jobs/Gates like guys.   The one creator played by geeky and awkward Mark Rylance, in yet another quality performance from him, has him note that he has hidden three keys in Oasis, and the person who can find them gets an Easter Egg and more importantly control of the entire thing, and it’s value (in trillions).   To date no one has found any keys, although the race to find the first one finds many potential takers.   Our story continues, with the mighty corporation trying mightily and then an unknown street rat from Ohio, living in a raised mobile home.  Who will find the first key?   What does this have to say about our society?   Since the Rylance character grew up in the 80s, there are plenty of references here back to the time.  Cars, movies, sayings, Atari games all come back – and the younger members of the audience won’t get all of these, and it won’t make much difference.   In the end there is a message, and commentary on the direction of where we are all going.   This had some moments of fun.  The CGI is good as it meshes with the real people.  I liked Rylance and the TJ Miller characters the best.   It is better on the big screen, although I didn’t find the 3D compelling – it rarely is.

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