June 18th, 2018

This weekend in the heat it was The Incredibles 2.  First there was a short film done by Pixar with an Asian theme.  An older Asian woman makes dumplings.  She serves 3 to her husband and three to herself.   He gobbles and runs.  She eats two and then the last one grows eyes and limbs and screams out.  The living dumpling.  She nurtures it.  It grows.  Then resents her.   Then shows up with a living female sporting an engagement ring and tries to leave the house.  Before he does.  I’ll leave it to you to see.   Suffice it to say, there may be a message here, but boy it was muddy.  I was left scratching my head and and chuckling to myself on a few levels.

But then the main event begins and starts right where the original left off.   The mole-like bad guy robs a bank and destroys a good chunk of the city.  The “illegal” supers did a lot of good, but the bad guys did get away.  They did cause damage.  And the lawyers and bean counters are upset.    Enter some rich idealists who want to Make America Super Again.  In other words, show the value to the people and change the laws.  The movie continues on all levels with I feel the best story being Jack-Jack.  But Elastigirl is at the forefront of the new dynamic to get people feeling better about supers – since she generally doesn’t cause as much damage.   The family functioning all moves forward and it culminates in a fun film.  Pixar hits it on the mark and delivers on the solid foundation with another quality sequel.  Worth viewing and delightful.

On Netflix.  I started watching The Horn.   It is a helicopter rescue show from Zermatt Switzerland.  The pictures of the mountains are incredible.  Some of what they do is unreal – like climbing down into a crevasse that a skier fell into.  Worth checking out.

The Paper Chase – is a good movie about a first year law student at Harvard.  Having just walked the grounds I wanted to revisit that.  I am glad I did.   John Houseman plays the iconic Contracts professor Kingsfield.

I started watching The Post on the plane but did not finish.   So far it’s okay.  Will follow up with more.


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