June 11th, 2018

More Netflix this publication, with watching of Savages directed by Oliver Stone.  We have Blake Lively as a free thinker and presumably living life on the West Coast supported by her two boys.   They are making and selling their own brand of high end pot.  Selma Hayak plays a Mexican drug lord (inherited from her husband) and wants in on the action.   This familiar story has been done better in Sicario and even Breaking Bad.  Funnily enough Benicio Del Toro always seems to have a role in them.  His Sicario role is closely resembling this one, only he is on the Dark Side here.  Alison reviewed this one long ago and I agree completely that the ending takes this to a new level of exasperation.   The audience quickly sees the opportunity that shows itself quite plainly and yet the actors here go completely against what would make sense.   The price was right for this (my Netflix fee pro rata) but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find this.

Limitless stars Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.   In it Cooper is a do-nothing writer who can’t seem to write.  He has a girlfriend, but little else.  Then he stumbles upon an ex-brother-in-law who gives him a “freebie” drug to assist him.  This drug allows him to utilize more percentage of his brain and he immediately shows spectacular feats that he couldn’t do before mentally.  Note, there is a TV series also on Netflix NOT starring Bradley Cooper which addresses similar issues.   This movie just becomes silly especially in the end.   Because “D’uh!!!!” who wouldn’t have used the powers here to do what Cooper proposes?  Anyway, a pass for me.
I have started the crime series The Staircase which explores the real-life death of novelist Michael Peterson’s second wife.  She fell down the stairs in her home as is alleged.  You can determine yourself whether the Courts made the right decision(s)…first episode down, so far so good. [Update: I couldn’t stay with it, and it remains on Hold]

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