September 3rd, 2013

Plenty to talk about here.  Lots of movies over the past few days.   Saw a couple with youngest son.

Two Guns – Marky Mark and Denzel.  This was a lot of fun I have to say.  I went in with few expectations and although the story gets really turned upside down, and convoluted, it was enjoyable to watch.   Marky Mark does a decent job as has some good lines.   Denzel avoids biting that bottom lip but then again, he has no really emotional scenes to deal with here.   Storyline is a robbery gone bad and you wonder who may be double crossing whom.  Worthy of a rental at least.
Gatsby – Leo plays the party-throwing young man looking to impress.  The whole deal about “modernizing” this by having Jay Zee do some songs etc is really not important to the story.  The CGI looks really CGI with the cars graphics and the house/mansion scenes.   The story (unknown to me before viewing) is fairly straightforward and I won’t spoil it here.   Suffice it to say that I could relate to what happens to the main characters and can agree with the underlying them.  You’ll know it (the theme) when you see it.   Tobey McGuire is good here and supports Leo well.   The other main male character too is also good.   This was better than I had expected.
Epic – the animated film about the forest and the Queen of the “good” forest dealing with the “rotten” part of the forest.   I avoided thinking about Beyonce as the Good Queen and was more interested in Christoph Walz playing that “rotten” guy leader.   This is not in the league with the story against Pixar and Finding Nemo, but there is some clever animation.  Nice scenes.   It did not really keep youngest son’s attention and that is a big barometer for me.   Neither did Hugo BTW.  Tried but he could not stay with it.   So worthy of a download or a cheap Red Box ($2) for me.

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