August 20, 2013

So on Sunday after a week with the kiddos, I went out to see Elysium at the theatre.   I have not done a full compare and contrast to Oblivion (since I have not rented that) but that is to come.

As for this movie on its own merit, it was okay.   Same director as District 9 that we both liked.   Have to say that I think the choice to use the protagonist from District 9 here as a baddy was a poor choice.   Despite the foul language and general distemper from a person ACTING as a sociopath, you don’t get that sense about him.   It’s like asking Mister Rogers to come and set your house on fire.   He likely can do it, but it is completely out of character and not what you expect.

Oh and Maaatt Daaaaamon is here.  Did you know that?   Well here he is an adult version of a small kid who is part of the proletariat.  The rich people have left earth for their palace in the sky.   Earth crumbles with crime and over-population.  So there is a class struggle.  The story then unfolds in a relatively predictable manner with an issue which forces Matt’s hand and it coincides with another event which puts it all into a nice tight little package.
There are a number of moments when in the movie I said “Well isn’t THAT fortuitous” – kind of like Superman and how Lois Lane gets invited on an alien space ship.   Answer:  it is a plot requirement to keep it rolling.
Don’t run out to see it.  It is alright.   A cheap Tuesday would make sense.  But otherwise it can be a rental.   Perhaps you can watch and tell me which accent Jodie Foster is trying to portray here.  French?  English?   English by a French person?   I dunno.

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