May 8th, 2017

So what to write about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?

I could go on and on about this film, but in the end, the real question is and remains “did it suck”?   And the answer to that would be No.  I saw this on Friday, at the 3D AVTM Cineplex showing in a mostly full theatre.  I went with girlfriend and two young teen boys (12yo and 14yo).  They all liked it.  For me it was okay.  This is mind candy.   It’s pleasing to the eye, you have a few laughs (hopefully) and then you leave and forget it.  Youngest son asked before we went as he had not seen the first “give me a synopsis of the first film” and after fumbling through trying to remember about stealing this orb thing, I gave up.  He watched the first 45 mins on Netflix.  See, he had an introduction and got the gist of it, while preventing me from hurting my brain in recall.
What did I really think?  I think that the movie, as they all do, pushes the limits on your level of disbelief.  For example (like Force Awakens) where there is a battle on a moon-sized planetoid, you are expected to believe that two people coming in different directions and from different actions land next to one another (or very close).  It just makes your head shake.  Hell I could fall from the sky above Toronto, and totally miss someone two blocks away, let alone a MOON, but never mind.   There are the Disney-fied family relations.  Every one (mostly anyway) can have this kum-bay-ya moment with a family member and then hatchets can be buried.   Ho hum.  There is the uber-cute Baby Groot who has a couple really good scenes, including the opening sequence.  Now THERE is a character just screaming for Disney to put him on PJs.
In the end, if you take it for what it is and is meant to be, it is fine.  As a second installment in a film that took everyone by surprise last year, it is competent.  Just don’t expect any performances from actors in our previous Best Of lists.

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