May 1, 2017

This past week on Netflix I watched Queen of Katwe the Disney film about a young chess prodigy from Uganda.  The film is not shy about addressing the living conditions and opportunities for young people in these rural African areas.  The young girl, played by a very good newcomer is supported by a teacher who takes upon himself improving the lives of these kids.  He is played well by David Oyelowo.  Again he is supportive and shows his dedication to these children.   They go to chess competitions and he sees her ability to be a Chess Master.   Lupita N’Yong plays her Mother and she is not as enthusiastic.  We have seen this story before but it is a feel good story with good acting and message to be delivered in difficult times.   I was glad that I saw it.  I will share with my step-father who is a Chess Champion himself.   This weekend upcoming will be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Another couple actors to bring forward as those I seek out to watch:   Adding in Kevin Spacey (who has become more of a TV and miniseries guy) as well as Andrew Garfield who was in 99 Homes, Hacksaw Ridge and Silence (oh and Spider-Man).


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