June 29th, 2015

This weekend was seeing (and debating on seeing) either Inside Out, the Pixar film being praised as their best in a number of years and Me, Earl and the Dying Girl.   Ultimately the decision was Inside Out.   There was a negative review on rogerebert.com on Dying Girl, which contradicted the Best Film prize from Sundance and the overall positive reviews on rottentomatoes (93%).   Pixar won out.

Inside Out: This was an interesting film and does with animation what would be almost impossible with real actors, and sets.  Sure we could have CGI and green screen work everywhere, but the animation gives free reign to directors and story tellers.   You know the premise, it’s a story about an 11 yo girl (Riley) but the real characters and the emotions that rule her mind Control Room.    Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness work in her head, sometimes at odds with one another.   Riley is generally happy and has some strong core memories and relationships.   This is shaken and challenged when she moves from Minnesota to San Fran.   There is some tremendous psychological discussion here, and elements of the brain.  Abstract thought, dreams, lost memories and being forgotten are all tied in.   There is also a powerful message about happiness and joy, and how even sadness can temper and add to the overall life experience of a person.   It makes one think of your own make up.   Which character rules you?    It was worth the trip to the theatre.   It stays with you.
I re-watched The Intouchables on Saturday night and once again was moved by this movie and the friendship created between these two characters.  It is funny.   But also shows how people can have impact on others.   How getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing and leads to happiness.   One man learns responsibility and helping others, while another to find new joy and realize that he is more than an invalid in a wheelchair.
Starting watching Weeds (season 1) as a new series to catch and liked it.   Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins give spunky performances of a widow selling pot to make ends meet.   It is a good social commentary and has some really good writing.    Watched the first three episodes.  It is 7 seasons, so there is much to watch.   I expect the arch to be similar than to Breaking Bad.   Likely just less violent.

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