June 22nd, 2015 – summer edition

I went and saw Jurassic World on Saturday night in a packed theatre with kids.  This was recommended by my elder son who had already seen it.   He thought that it referenced the older original well, but putting a modern spin on it.   I am thanking him for the recommendation.   I enjoyed it and so did the others who attended.

This is entertainment pure and simple.  You go to see something new and interesting while not thinking too hard.   The dinosaurs look great and the premise continues to build on the overall theme – dinosaurs are genetically designed and people try and control the situation.    Control of course is a myth, and nature “finds a way”.   Here the people try to generate new buzz about the park by introducing new “attractions”.  With corporate sponsorship, they want a bigger, badder monster with more teeth.  So the scientists create a new dinosaur species.   And it’s bad, and intelligent and dominant.   Fast forward and nature runs amok and there is a need to put the genie back in the bottle, after much carnage both on the dinosaur and human side.   This is fun.  There were some great action sequences, and a decent story.   Like Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron’s little girl) looks better as she becomes more sweaty and frazzled.   The littlest little boy has to lose the Justin Bieber haircut as it is simple distracting.   The raptors and Lego’s “most interesting person in the world” (Chris Pratt) is also good.    Worth seeing on a big screen with big sound.
I also watched Warrior with Tom Hardy, and the new Pharoah (Yul Brennar from Exodus).   It was better than expected with a story of a broken family with a recovering Father (Nick Nolte) playing his recovering alcoholic well.   The story is predictable as two brothers enter a tournament for $5 prize against the best MMA fighters.    It kept my attention and the two main characters are interesting.  You do root for them both.  Tom Hardy with Mad Max and Batman under his belt recently, he plays another guy who says very little.  He says a lot with his eyes, but I have yet to find him a role which was as appealing as in Inception.    He was good and charismatic there.  I am glad that I saw this too.  It kept me up when I should have been sleeping.

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