July 30th, 2015 – Tom Cruise

I watched Going Clear, the Scientology movie last night and as much as I wanted to think about how astounding it all was, I also scratched my head wondering who DOESN’T see the abuse and all the crap around them?    Who doesn’t see videotaped confessions on a regular basis as a basic piece of evidence for later blackmailing.   HELLO!!!?!

Then who doesn’t wonder about Tom Cruise and his association with this multi-billion dollar “church”.  It’s mind boggling the crap, and how phoney they all are – but man, don’t get them upset or them will open up a major can of litigious whoop ass on you!  Still if someone says to me, I want to appoint you a Seaman, and you come and slavishly work on my boat to fix it up, and then get brow-beaten by me as I watch you do it with my horribly bad teeth — I would tell you to stick it where the sun don’t shine!!   Maybe Hollywood IS the best place for the celebrity church.
This was an interesting story and kept my attention.  I am glad that I watched it.   The higher levels of attainment are remarkable in that they turn into Hubbard Sci Fi writing from when he was a kid.   Those penny-per-word stories end up being useful!!
Today I stopped by rogerebert.com and saw the review for the new Mission Impossible movie.
I think that this is a great review!   I am pleased to see the movie got 4 stars.  It is a big screen movie that I will want to see.   I will review once I have seen it.

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