July 27th, 2015

This week was a catch up on Netflix.  I saw Maze Runner (previously reviewed by you) and then also Mockingjay.   Last night I watched the extended Directors Cut of Amadeus on BluRay.

Maze Runner I started watching this in the thinking I would watch an hour and turn it off before bed, but then watched the entire thing.  It was, as you say, not as disappointing as expected.   The bullying red haired kid I couldn’t get the We’re The Millers scene with the spider out of my head — but never mind.  This was better than I thought and held my attention.   I will not run out for the sequel, and the ending was disappointing with Patricia Clarkson as the Kate Winslet (Divergent) or Donald Sutherland (Hunger Games) acting as the Dictator baddy.
Mockingjay.   OMG was this a waste of time.   I was waiting for something, ANYTHING, to happen here.   If the entire 2 hours will hinge on itty-bitty Pita, then you lose me.    He is just so not important in the grand scheme of things.   Give JLaw some kick ass moments and have her do something.   This and her black hair, are just not it.   BTW, not for a MOMENT do I believe that an arrow shot from the ground (no matter what is on the tip) does it take out two jet fighters.   Yawn!
Amadeus is a fav of mine and in my top 5 list of all time.   I love seeing the creative process and the performances are excellent, least of all Academy Award winner F Murray Abraham.   The extended version on Blu Ray has more scenes added, and a sideline story with Soliari making a pass at Mozart’s wife (Costanza).   There is other dialogue added, and I think the extra scenes added very little.   Mozart sitting with a young student with dogs was unnecessary.  As well as him going back to beg for work.   A great film that did not need the extra scenes.
[Alison warned me about Mockingjay and it being a cash grab – my response]

I had known that you warned me away from Mockingjay.   I watched because it was on NetFlix and sometimes you just can’t say No when when there is NOTHING else to watch.    So I did.  And you were proven absolutely correct.  I really want Pita to take a bullet.   No wee-man like this is worthy of the time and attention paid to him like this guy.    Why risk all those lives to get this dwarf?

I saw Divergent in the theatre and was under-whelmed.   I like Shailene Woodley, from her breakthrough performance in The Descendants as the elder daughter. I like her in longer hair and wish she didn’t have to copy EVERYTHING that JLaw does.   But besides that, the first movie was slow and weak and did not really hold my attention.   Woodley and “Four” (now there’s a truly DUMB name for a potential hero) had no chemistry whatsoever in the first.  All these futuristic movies are blending into each other, from Hunger Games to Maze Runner, to Divergent to Ender’s Game.  There is always some punk kid that civilization, if not the UNIVERSE needs to put our faith into, and adults are all idiots or maniacs focused on running the world as a tyrant.   I am pleased to hear that Part 2 is better.  It HAD to be.   Woodley is a good actress and think that she could carry a film or franchise – JLaw can without a doubt but she was given no material in Mockingjay.  Throw her a flippin’ bone!
I re-watched Man of Steel the other night too.  Still can’t get over the flying penises for putting baddies in a black hole.  In hindsight, just leave them in a cell as the whole planet blows up a few hours later.  Problem solved!!!   No mess for Kal El to clean up either.   And the whole Lois Lane thing drives me bananas!!  Evil alien wants to take care of Kal El, but Oh, just for fun he wants the red haired girl too.   What are you doing?   You ask for her to accompany Supe, and then proceed to ignore her!!!  As she speaks to Supe’s Old Man, and figures out a way (“I can do it!”) to kill the aliens and the ship!   Amazing!!   Ridiculous!!!!
I am watching Weeds, and the ticky tacky episodes.  I like her.  Also like Elizabeth Perkins too!  It is funny, and a poor man’s Breaking Bad, but far less intense.   I am also getting through Season 3 of Home Land.

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