January 2, 2017 – New Years edition

The title “Lion” will be misleading for this Golden Globe nominee for Best Picture.   Dev Patel is nominated for his work as well.  A couple of times when I was watching I paused and thought about the title and then just let the story envelop me.  Here is a recent story from 1986, and into today which in many ways is a good companion piece to previous Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire.   The story is a simple one.   Young boy in India accompanies older brother for some work, and then gets separated from him at a train station.   He boards another empty train looking for him and becomes lost.   I give away nothing by saying that he eventually is adopted by a couple in Australia and then later to seeks his real family.

The performances are all very good, and notably by the little boy who gets lost.   His eyes are so full of life, and he has a resilience which allows him to overcome many obstacles thrown his way.   His adult persona played Dev Patel is also very good as he struggles with his memories and trying to figure out how to find his past.
This is a story about families, adoption, brothers, and struggle.  Yet again I am reminded of the blessed life and upbringing we have in Canada and the West.   1986 is not ancient history.  The little boy lived in squalor and mother was a labourer who moved rocks.  Rocks.
You care about these people.  All of them, and they take you on a worthwhile journey that is something you will talk about when it is done.  It is another Golden Globe drama nominee that I am pleased to have seen.  Hell or High Water was another.
Have a fabulous 2017 one and all.
P.S> on the home watching front, I have been catching up on Game of Thrones, now in Season 5.  The twists and turns here, and no particular loyalty to keeping characters you like alive makes this fun watching.    Also I have watched 6 episodes of Westworld, which has been good as well.   Well cast with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood you have robots in an adult amusement park waking up to their reality from the Crichton book made into a film with Yul Brenner long ago.  Christopher Nolan’s brother is involved.  I did thoroughly enjoy The Crown about Queen Elizabeth.

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