December 27, 2016

So we went out yesterday to see Hidden Figures.

It had been given good reviews and Octavia Spencer had yet again received a Golden Globe nomination.    Having youngest son also meant it was age appropriate.  We all enjoyed this.  It is the story of three black women principally at NASA who were friends and looking to advance at NASA during the early days of the space program (mid 1960s).  Earlier in the day we had watched Selma, and this gave this movie some context (girlfriend and youngest son had not seen it).
This is well acted, and a story that has not been told.  It follows along The Right Stuff story of the astronauts well and Freedom 7 (before the Apollo program).   Jim Parsons loses his kind geeky persona and plays a white engineer not so happy with his new computer (a person used to calculate the math for the launch and re-entry).  This is a feel good movie with quality performances and shows yet another story of how backwards it was just 50 years ago.
With the reviews of Passenger, we’re not so sure about seeing it.  But Lion is on the radar.  Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and survived the Boxing Day madness!  On to 2017!!

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