February 11th, 2013

This past snowy Friday when I couldn’t get out to a movie, I ended up
hunkered down and doing a movie on demand.  I know, I paid for it, as
opposed to pirating it over the internet, but I like movies.   Anyway
I rented Premium Rush and I was glad that I did!  I had heard many
positive things about this movie but had not a chance to go see it
yet.   Arbitrage will be next on the On Demand hit parade.

To borrow Roger Ebert’s assessment of Speed when he reviewed that for
At the Movies; “…this was fun!”.  And it was.  Not only is there the
rush (no pun intended) of seeing this guy, and people like him, ride
bikes like maniacs around the city of New York, there is a compelling
story here.   I like the time travel done to put things in context and
fill in the holes.   The real treat for me here was the role of the
gambling addicted cop.  He is funny, and he can’t seem to buy a break
and has one bad thing after another happen.  Still like the Energizer
bunny, he keeps coming back and finding new and ingenious ways to
bring the slip of paper back to himself.  I also like the little duel
between the policeman on bike along with our hero.    He certainly
goes through a LOT for a $30 payment!!   There are some great chase
scenes and some good thinking that had some funny moments (I laughed a
few times with the cop) and the predicaments of the hero that he is
put in.

A fun ride.  I recommend if you haven’t seen already.  The acting
talents of JGL are not really challenged here, but the physical
aspects of the role are.  Yes, there are stunt riders I am certain,
but it was believable and a good use of my time on a snowy Friday

Well here are the Ebert picks for the Oscars.


We can have our own little side bet if you so choose.  Despite his
protests, I do not believe that he got them “all right”.  Quite the
contrary, I think that he missed out in the Best Supporting Category
entirely.  I also believe that Best Director may fall elsewhere as
well.   Just how many Non-Americans are part of the Academy?   Because
to me, Lincoln speaks to Americans and Americans only.   No one else
cares.    Despite all that Daniel Day Lewis wins, just simply because
he IS the Best Actor these days (where the heck did Edward Norton fall

[Alison disagreed entirely on Premium Rush and found it silly and sophomoric]

I laughed at the over-the-top cop with an addiction and laughed out
loud a couple of times.  It was a mood I was in perhaps.  I wasn’t
looking for great acting, and what I got was a fun story.  It moved
along well.  Discarded the crap, and put a simple bike rider in a life
changing situation all for the fee of $30.   He is a much better
actor, and deserves better scripts, and he will get them from Looper
and Dark Knight Rises and other films he makes with Christopher Nolan.

Argo did a fabulous job at creating tension for sure.  A great job all
around and shocking on the snub for Affleck here on the Directing.
He isn’t a great actor.  He is becoming a very good director with The
Town and Argo under his belt.

I did rent On Demand Arbitrage last night and enjoyed that.  It was an
interesting view of how one can manipulate and use people and then in
end smell like a rose with all smiles and bliss.   Good performances
and Gere was in good form.


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