April 1st, 2013 (April Fools Edition)

This past weekend I stopped at the Zip.ca red box at the local grocery store to pick up Wreck it Ralph and then the Hobbit.   I was NOT going to pay money to see the Hobbit, but at $2 for a Blu-Ray and kids coming over I could not resist.  The Red Box is the greatest thing, and by far the cheapest as Rogers on Demand usually wants $8 for a rental.   Highway robbery and finding a DVD store is next to impossible,

Wreck It Ralph was nominated for Best Animated Film and I can see why it did not win.   I saw Brave and again I think that Pixar finds a way to put together quality movies.  Yes Brave was not a box office darling and quick honestly give my son fart jokes and nose picking (Jack the Giant Slayer) and you have a winner that beats them all!!   So here we have the bad guy in a Donkey Kong rip-off who “wants to be good”.  He is tired of living on a junk heap and being thrown off the building.  He meets up with a cute girl from another game (he is seeking a Medal) and she needs his help and has some issues of her own.   In the end, through some twists and turns everyone finds their rightful place in the world.  And peace and harmony are brought back.   Did I enjoy it.  Yes, it was okay.  Did SON like it?   He thought it was alright too.   So all in all, if you want some cartoony fun, and like looking at old characters that make you nostalgic for the 80s again (QBert) then this could be your movie.   Funny that they have some Super Mario characters but not Mario and Luigi.
Then I watched the Hobbit with daughter and youngest son.   Can I say that this lived up to the expectations?; it was disappointing.   I did read the book a very long time ago.  I did enjoy it MORE than the LOTR trilogy.  I like it for reasons why I do NOT like this movie.  It was a short book.   Less descriptive and moved along at a nice pace.   We have a linear plot and things happen and get resolved.  There was some clever word play and some interesting riddles and I REALLY wanted to see what the CGI dragon would look like.   What do I get?  Forty minutes of pre-cursor before they ever leave the Shire, with eating and singing amongst Dwarves.  And then finally getting on the road before anything of consequences happens.   There is much that I cannot recall from the book, nor care to go back to check on.
Here attached is a link that captures much of my issue here.  This is purely a money grab by the studio and Peter Jackson.  Shame on you all.  Much like the Eagles getting back for the Hell Frozen Over tour.  We know you hate one another, but you need money to keep that coke habit going strong (cough Glenn Frey).   But I digress.  I like his voice and these perceptions that he makes.  Truly the bunnies did make me laugh out loud.   Then there are Orcs and this White Orc dude – buddy, if you can’t slay a wee dwarf and toss him like we all would, then you’re not such a bad ass, and one of your bloodthirsty kin-folk would have your head.   Just sayin.   So there are TWO more installments here.  I will ONLY see them if I would spend more on a coffee and donut to do so.   So would I recommend that movie experience? No.  Read the book.  It will likely even take less time.  There’s an IDEA – why not put someone on camera who just reads the book to you – and you can use your mind rather than CGI!!!   Million dollar idea there.

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