January 28th, 2013

This past weekend I was visiting my brother and we had a Marky Mark
double header.  I had been wanting to see Ted as it is always good to
have a laugh or two.

The Ebert review on it was decent and I wanted to check it out.  First
I can’t get over the pipes on Marky Mark – holy crap, buddy is ripped!
Massive arms.  If you do a trailer search you will see him playing
the role of a wrestler/body builder


I digress but thought that you might appreciate the beefcake!!

Anyway, I enjoyed Ted.  It was stupid.  It was stupid funny.  It had
some good product placement for 80s shows, although the Flash Gordon
stuff was a bit over the top.   The bear is funny though.  And the
language is more Southpark than Disney!  And there is a few laugh out
loud moments for me without question.  I have to say that Mila Kunis
here is under-utlized and honestly I like her and all but she really
isn’t all that and a bag of chips!   I think you have seen this.  I am
glad that I did.

Real eye candy for me comes from Contraband where Marky Mark is paired
with Kate Beckensale.  Prime!  And completely and totally
under-utilized as well here.  Here is the traditional story of the
accomplished criminal turns legit with the Wife and kids and then gets
pulled back in.  “One more job” to [fill in the blank].  In this
instance it is getting his younger brother-in-law out of trouble.
And brother in law is a dumb ass.  So there is plenty to do.
Interesting Giovanni Ribisi is the baddy in both of these different
movies.  He is great.  So versatile and he plays a really good creepy
bad guy.  This is a complicated plot to the point of being totally
unbelievable.  There is such a short window to be able to do what
happens here and you wonder about how exciting it can be a
freighter/ship from Panama to New Orleans.   This was worthy of the $1
rental (Red Box).  We all enjoyed it and made for a decent evening.
There are no Blockbusters anymore.  It is rare to find a DVD rental.
I was lucky to find the boxes.  Cheap.  And I think that On Demand is
a ripoff at $8 a film.    I rented for two nights two movies for $6.

More movies for me to check out this week.  I want to see Silver
Linings, and also Les Mis.  Maybe tomorrow.


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