February 3rd, 2013

So I did end up seeing The Sessions on Thursday.  Saw it at the
Kingsway theatre which is independent small theatre on Bloor street
just east of Islington Ave.  It is SMALL.   They have the MAIN theatre
and then now (unbeknownst to me) a smaller side theatre which is a
room up in the second floor.   A theatre with around 20 seats, and
like the old Cineplex theatres in the old Eaton Centre.  Not much
bigger than a good sized room at home.   Despite the size, they still
charge $13 a pop.  Pricey.   Cheaper Tuesday at massive theatres is
around $7.50.  A bargain!!  I will go again tomorrow night.

I went in with higher expectations I think.  In the end I can agree
with you.  This was charming.  I am not completely sure what the
attraction to buddy is.   I guess the message is that you “make them
laugh” even if you have an iron lung.   Then again, perhaps women (and
attractive women) want to not have to worry about the sex thing since
buddy doesn’t even have a bed!!  But I digress.   Helen Hunt here is
effective but I am not seeing the Award nomination.  Perhaps she got
extra marks for taking all her clothes off.  Acting in the nude.
Okay.  But it was generous to offer that up to her.  William H Macy
was good and I liked his attitude.  The Catholic church would be
better off to have more caring and pragmatic Priests like him to gain
in attendance.  You could see him struggling with the concept, however
he saw the overall benefit to this.  In the end, he as a friend was
right.  We can see the transformation in him.  So a worthy movie to
watch.  Yet another victim to High Expectations for me.

This week, likely Les Mis.  And perhaps Amour.  We will see.


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