Thursday September 6th, 2012

So here was a little unexpected surprise with the TIFF starting today.

Last Winter, daughter and older son one weekend ended having to go downtown and help on some film project that a Ryerson student was doing.  Daughter was going to be an extra, and son ended up going and helping with the lighting and the cameras.  They were there for most of the weekend.
This past weekend, my daughter tells me that this short film (15 mins) is going to be part of TIFF.  It is part of a Short Films night to be seen on Saturday (in two days).
The film is called Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, and it stars Gordon Pinsent.  A good actor.    There is a trailer for it (see attached) and if you can pause it at the 36 second mark – you will see my daughter on the left with the blonde hair and wearing the red outfit.  Yes, it’s a stretch but she is there.   I am going to see the films on Saturday if I can get a ticket!!   Not everyday you get to see your daughter on screen at TIFF!!
[Updated as day passes – Alison asked if she saw the trailer and film]
Good morning!  Well in truth, she was watching the trailer herself and caught a glimpse of her own image.  Then she pointed it out.

As a matter of fact I had a TIFF evening on Saturday when I was unsure about seeing anything.  I had gone online and called about seeing that Shorts show for my daughter  and came up empty on tickets.  I decided to had downtown an hour before the show at 6:15PM.   I was told at Bell Lightbox to just enter the Rush line.  I did around number 45.  At 6:15 they were going up the line and I was feeling low about my chances, but then they asked me about what show I wanted and then let me in!!  I was the third LAST person to get a seat!!  I had resolved to head back on the subway but got it.
Downtown incidentally was CRAZY!!!!  Filled with people along King Street in the Theatre District.  Lines around the block to see shows.  Screaming was heard when celebrities showed up but it did not phase me.  The city was vibrant and alive.
So in the theatre they introduced the 5 films and the directors as well, all of whom were there.  Amazing.  Some of the actors too.  All Canadian with two from Ryerson, and three from Quebec.  Most of the shorts were well done.  I liked the one my daughter was in particularly.   It is about a 13yo in class being told by a friend on her birthday that if she closes an eye and can’t see her hand beyond her nose – “then your nose is too big – and you’re ugly…”  my daughter was in the early scenes at the school in a classroom (dressed as a Devil for Halloween and then in the gym).  I saw her right away!!    There was a funny film about “Asian Gangs” and another about a French Canadian kick ass woman taking on some big-mouthed roughnecks.
At the end of the film they had a question and answer session.  Very lively and excellent.  Afterwards I introduced myself to my daughter’s young director and congratulated him on a job well done.  It’s nice to have Rick Mercer as a family friend who managed to get Gordon Pinsent to act for you!!
After the show was over and walking back along King Street, three girls from Visa stop me and ask if I have a Visa Infinite card.  In fact I just got one less than a month ago.  As I say Yes, they hand me a free ticket to a screeening at the Elgin theatre and taxi chit to take me there.  So I am off.  Seeing two movies in one night when I had fully expected none.
The second movie was a French (Parisienne) film called Apres Mai (After May) or on the ticket as Something in the Air.  A tiresome and muddled story about a young man in the early 70s in Paris fighting the good fight for socialist reforms.  And how he interacts with others and learns to become an “artiste”.   It is two hours that I won’t get back.  It was over at 11, and then I headed back home.  But a fun night out and the first real TIFF experience for me.  The city was abuzz on Saturday night.   I went without food, but survived.

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