September 3rd, 2012

So last night I took the kids to see the family friendly Disney The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  The movie stars Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton as a likeable couple who are devastated at their inability to conceive a child.  One night they right down on paper a list of qualities and characteristics of this child they can’t have.   They put it in a box and bury it in the garden out back.  Then after a freak isolated storm, Timothy shows up and they take him as their own.  This little boy is as cute as they come and make family and friends ignore how sudden he appeared.  The rest of the story is this couple acting as parents.  And then the journey that this takes them on.

I am hard pressed to find another actress who is as likeable as Jennifer Garner.   This is not just a looks thing, but she has a sweetness, and she’s genuine.  She plays sympathetic here very well and trying hard to be a good parent saying things like “It’s okay for Timothy to have secrets from us… long as he tells us about them”.  Edgerton plays the father well here and they as a couple work well.  He has a domineering Dad, played by David Morse in a bit of a stretch for him, but he plays it well.  This is NOT a big screen movie but I enjoyed it.  I am glad that the kids liked it.  There are plenty of life lessons here.  Not all movies have to have explosions and killing.  This was one that suited the mood I was in and was family Disney entertainment.

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