September 6th, 2007

So last night I ended up watching Thin.   On some level I guess I wanted to see some of the motivation for someone punishing their body like this.  There are so many extremes in the US as you have the overweight population that cannot grasp the anorexic folks – and then these people that binge and purge and have a terrible self body image.  The troubling one to me in all this was the young 30yo divorced mother with two young kids.   She talks a great game but inside there are far deeper issues at play.   The one twin, to me, had HUGE twin issues beyond just body image.   Her parents split and there is obvious animosity growing there with Mom in Utah.   In the end, I did not learn a great deal here, but echoed the twins sentiment that she should just ‘get over it’ and on with her life.  Food should NOT be the defining moment in any day, three times a day.   It’s fuel to let you do other things.  And the little 15yo who just wants to die – well why not just take your own life rather than starving yourself to death – with everyone watching?  Can we say Attention Whore?!    Not much sympathy from me as you can tell.   As a movie, I can’t recommend it.


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