October 18th, 2007

So last night was watching 1408 with John Cusack.  Anna had rented > it, along with Georgia Rule which I will not watch.   On to the movie which I have to say was clearly a mind fuck.  What was with that really?!  If you have not seen it, the basic premise is that a cynical and disillusioned writer of Horror Motels Guidebooks is visiting places with dark pasts and debunking ghost theories.  He is then told NOT to visit Room 1408 in a fancy hotel in New York.    They refuse to offer him the room.  He goes anyway, and ultimately after a memorable encounter with the hotel manager (Samuel L Jackson) decides to stay in that room.   The rest is really a series of unrelated and strange happenings for a room that are entirely unexplained.  At some point I guess you must just have to go with it, but my practical side always prevented that from happening.

For example, if you have a knife/letter opener why not remove the hinges from the locked door and press the door out?  You seem to have access to the hinges.  Or perhaps what has Mary McCormack done to herself recently to look so very different from her roles in Private Parts and Deep Impact?

Anyway, ex-wife remarked halfway through that she was bored, even though she fell asleep prior to that.  It obviously did not keep her attention.  There were a couple of genuinely funny lines, but otherwise I did not like it.  I was not scared, and thought there were enough clichés of how to scare people that it didn’t work on me.


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