December 19th, 2011

I ventured out on Saturday to the Varsity Theatre as it was the ONLY theatre in town that was showing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.   This is the most recent incarnation of the John Le Carre novel set in the Cold War, with the US, USSR and Britain playing espionnage games between themselves.   Previously it has been a tv series and other movies as well (or so I think).  None have been previosuly seen by me.  I have not read the book.   This film is cast with a Who’s Who of British film.   Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, John Hurt, Mark Strong and others that are all familiar.  It is well acted.  It is believable and they do a very good job of creating suspense.  Basically there is an accusation that there is a mole very high up in the British Intelligence community.  The question is who could it possible be.  The plot is told starting at present time late 1970s and then through a series of flashbacks.   You are told other ancillary stories as you move through it.  Pay attention.  It gets complicated, as there are plenty of characters in play.   And it can be slow.  There are shots with little dialogue to show the passing of time.  I was squirming in my seat a couple times and wondering if the average movie goer can pay attention and follow.  I suspect that they can’t and won’t.   My crowd was older and likely many would have read the book.   I think that would help as you would know the characters better.  As a film, it does not need to be seen on the big screen.  There are no big chase scenes and that fits.  This isn’t Mission Impossible.    They may make Sherlock Holmes an action hero, they did not do the same here.    So I was overall a bit disappointed but I had high expectations.  I am glad that I saw it.   I want to read the book, and that says something too.


April 22, 2011

I have not been to the theatre in a good long while.   However I watched on the plane ride to Calfornia the movie How Do You Know with Reece Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson and Owen Wilson.  I am not sure that I have seen a more contrived premise to a movie in a long while.  I also feel that most of the dialogue was completely inane.  Poor Reece plays an aging Women’s Softball star who has totally focused on her baseball.   Now she is going to get cut.  Looks like her Mom (??!) is part of the team of coaches that makes that decision, or hears it from the coach anyway.   Then there’s Paul Rudd who is the son to businessman Nicholson.   Suffice it to say that there is some drama in his life, and he has a Meet Cute with Reece, and then not.   Wilson (who you KNOW I am not a fan of) plays a baseball player in the Majors, playing for the Washington Nationals.   I’ll believe THAT when pigs sprout wings and fly.   Just look at him in the uniform and you realize that this guy can’t possibly throw a pitch 94 mph.   He has NO chemistry with Witherspoon, and is generally despicable.   Why ANY women would want to be with him here is beyond my pay grade.   Money sure, but nothing else.
To sum up, this is terrible, with no real resolution to Dad’s troubles, but quite frankly I didn’t care.
Shame on all who were involved in this fiasco.