August 9, 2021

Let Him Go: Way back in 1990, Kevin Costner was in a film called Revenge. It was with Madeleine Stowe, and she was married to much older Anthony Quinn. Stowe had relations with Costner and he had to later find a way to exact some revenge on this man who did nasty things to spite his Wife’s indiscretion. Now 31 years later, he and Diane Lane (yes, Clark Kent’s parents) are looking to deal with some North Dakota rednecks that have (in their mind anyway) held the couple’s grandson against his will. The longer story is that the Kent’s son had a wife and a son and he died in an accident on their family farm. The year is 1961 and a couple years later the widow gets re-married. Without any warning the newly wed couple leaves town. Costner is a retired cop. His wife wants to get her grandson back. Then the fun begins as they travel to deal with the redneck family. Much of this makes little sense. Certainly the efforts made by Costner’s George reflect his resolve and understanding of his Wife. There is an attempt to tie the pieces together to an earlier time but honestly I was not seeing it. There is parts where the lawyer in me thinks that there is due process which could have looked to resolved the situation more peacefully and one wonders whether more of a mess is created than was initially created. Questions like “doesn’t the young mother take any responsibility for the choices that she makes?” “Do grandparents need to really shoulder all the responsibility?” George tries to impart some sense and wisdom as things progress. One can find out whether he was able to prevail. This is new on Crave. I am pleased that I didn’t pay for this at a theatre. I like Lane. I like Costner too and then together. I just didn’t like where the story goes. The scenery in Montana and North Dakota is beautiful. I wonder why it had to be set in the early 60s. I somehow doubt that I will think longer on this movie than after posting this.

The latest episode of 100 Foot Wave shows that any elite athlete, especially those getting older have to deal with injury and decisions about whether what they are doing is really worth it. Garrett suffers a bad accident and shoulder surgery and then later another head and foot injury. The rehab is brutal and real. The struggles are real and one wonders at what cost does he (and his team of surfers) seek out the fame. Certainly you also see that sponsors demand news and results. If not, you are dropped. And all of this to seek out the rush of fleeting adrenaline from these massive waves that are eight stories tall. Imagine!!


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