March 22, 2021

Unhinged: A very overweight Russell Crowe is angry and doesn’t really care who knows it. This story somewhat mirrors the 1971 mainstream film from Steven Speilberg called “Duel”. There it was a faceless driver of an 18-wheeler. Here it is a redneck driver of a large pick up truck. This is a silly movie. I cannot recommend it. However, one can still have some fun!! So I am doing something a little different.

According to Unhinged, here are twenty two dos and don’ts to avoid a “really bad day”.  These are Rachel teaching points.  Here is a list of what not to do when being chased by an angry pick up driving fat man:

  • Don’t sleep in.  Set an alarm.  Be on time 
  • Maintain your car.  No red warning lights on dash
  • Have a full tank of gas. 
  • Don’t leave your iPhone in your car unattended with doors unlocked 
  • Don’t put your purse on the roof of your car when filling up.  Especially with a handbag. 
  • Do drive a Volvo.  They are tanks.   They take a lickin and keep on ticking. 
  • Don’t leave the house without a phone/device charger 
  • Don’t honk at dumb asses who fail to move at a green light, just drive around. 
  • Don’t remove the passcode from your iphone. 
  • Don’t stand in front of a running psychopath’s pick up truck while it is parked at a gas station.  Being a Good Samaritan doesn’t always work out well 
  • When at a restaurant and someone is being facially assaulted with malice in a nearby booth, pick up your shit and exit the premises.   Tipping is optional.  
  • Don’t avoid the police station 
  • Do call 9-11 and hope for better police service than anywhere in the greater NYC area.  They are awful
  • Don’t have your child hide in an attic without an escape route.  
  • Don’t park your car in plain sight when trying to avoid chasing psychopaths.  
  • Teach your children not to be dumb asses. The child should know better than to move when being hailed by a relatively familiar and ominous male voice telling him that “everything is okay” 
  • Never ever reveal your child’s super secret attic hiding spot while being chased by a psychopath. 
  • Don’t expect a nine iron to be an effective weapon of choice against a 350lb psychopath. 
  • Don’t think that running down a minivan with a handicap Ford Focus will in any way slow down the psychopath. 
  • Never leave your car to attack the psychopath with your weapon of choice after running him down.   Rather drive away.  
  • Never purchase the home security plan from the company at whatever house you entered because the police will not arrive in time to be of any help 
  • Never hold a very sharp knife at your stomach level pointing towards a psychopath.  Raising it above your head in a threatening and ominous pose is a safer bet for everyone involved.

Happy motoring.

Stockholm: This 2018 movie about a 1973 bank heist gone wrong in the title’s namesake. I have more recently really enjoyed the work of Ethan Hawke. He chooses interesting projects that push his skills in new ways like the outrageous The Good Lord Bird. First Reformed was another. This movie also stars Mark Strong who I also enjoy and Noomi Rapace. In short, Hawke’s character starts a bank robbery dressed as an obnoxious American, channeling Easy Rider. Noomi Rapace plays a bank worker who is terrified at first of her captor, and then more intrigued. The story progresses and the situation changes from one way and then back. I do like where it goes and the interplay with the head police officer. The performances speak for themselves, and I was entertained.


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