August 10th, 2020

On Crave they have released some newer films that I need to review.   The one I stumbled upon in passing.    Endings, Beginnings is a 2019 film starring Shailene Woodley, Jamie Dornan (of Fifty Shades fame) and Sebastian Stan.   Shailene Woodley burst on the scene for me playing the eldest daughter of George Clooney in the 2011 family drama set in Hawaii The Descendants.   It is a role and a movie worth watching if you haven’t seen it.  As her star was ascending from this she took on the role as Tris in the Divergent series.   I read that she questioned whether to sign on to such a venture, but in a conversation with Jennifer Lawrence, who had just finished The Hunger Games, she had been encouraged to do it by JLaw.   Woodley was concerned more about the pigeon-holing herself like had happened with Kristen Stewart and the Twilight series.   In the end, she went forward but sadly not only did she seem to get pigeon-holed, but she also had the albatross on her neck of a failed franchise as Divergent never even finished the trilogy (and for good reason).   As a result, this talented actress didn’t work as much.  She did the movie Adift in 2018 which was a decent one-woman show about the true story of a woman surviving a hurricane on a yacht.   She had also begun work on the series Big Little Lies that was well received drama surrounding women and families in the Monterey CA area starring as well Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and others.   All this is background, but I pleased to see Woodley working once again.   In this movie, she plays a 30s woman looking for some direction in her life after a failed relationship.   She attends a party and meets two young men who both seem to intrigue her.   She makes very human choices, and the viewer watches as the consequences unfold.   The character Daphne has to make choices about stability and excitement in her primary relationship, and try and find what makes sense for her going forward in other areas.   It isn’t easy to watch her at times and the choices she makes but they are very real.   I think Woodley has always been genuine, and she is likeable even when she makes choices that aren’t so likeable.    If you like her, and you like a relationship drama then this may be something to catch for you.   I don’t think that this had much success in the theatres.   But like Kristen Stewart I think Shailene is making choices and doing movies that aren’t so mainstream but that will expand on her skillset.   Enjoy the summer weather and the NHL playoffs as they continue – it has been a busy sports calendar with NHL, MLB, NBA and then the PGA Championship in golf.   So from having very little to watch from sports, we are now overwhelmed with choice.


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